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canstockphoto12199525Initially, it seemed as if my focus word for the year was going to be a joyride.

The idea of being wholehearted conjured up enthusiasm and going for the gusto, awaking each day with arms open wide for whatever would transpire.

Piece of cake, having this word as my mental billboard… or so I thought.

This rosy cloud of wishful thinking soon began to evaporate, however.  Though God more than likely has some wonderful ways to help me be more wholehearted, I found that He also has some questions for me to ponder.

These have to do with the underside of the word.

Out of the blue (and isn’t God so clever about His end-around moves?), my eyes have been opened about more than one area in my life where my feelings and attitudes could use a bit more compassion, tenderness, or zest.

How could this be, that my soul has pockets that have been sewn shut or hidden from view – preventing me from being fully, earnestly engaged and excited?

What are the obstructions keeping my heart from loving and receiving love, fully and freely?

Seeing my halfheartedness is humbling.

Whoa, Lord…this focus word stuff is more than I bargained for.

Am I up to the challenge?

Well…I have committed –  and I am both slightly apprehensive and joyfully expectant about how wholehearted will unfold this year.

I am grateful for all of you as my partners in accountability.

That said, I am pushing off on this 2014 voyage – with a heart open to becoming more whole

…Trusting in God, and asking for His direction, of course.

Love God, your God, with your whole heart: love him with all that’s in you, love him with all you’ve got! ~Deuteronomy 6:5 (The Message)

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