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The Be G’s (aka Thanksgiving Fever)

canstockphoto16556763We welcome the arrival of Thanksgiving week, the grocery list growing by the minute, along with pleasant thoughts of a yummy love-filled dinner with family and friends

Words plastered on my mental billboard:  Be Grateful

And, am I ever – for many things.

Here are my top five Be G’s:

1. Eyes

  • for allowing us to see the incredibly beautiful world before us
  • for providing the window to gain knowledge
  • for twinkles, and smiles (the same in every language)

2. Voices

  • for praising and encouraging, and intimate conversation
  • for freedom of speech
  • for laughter, and singing! (heaven on earth)

3. Hands

  • for warm hugs and loving touches – and especially for little ones reaching up for mine
  • for allowing us to write, create, cook, build, make music, etc.
  • for helping – whomever, wherever, whenever

4. Hearts

  • for beats that keep us alive
  • for sharing love in all forms, especially within family and among friends
  • for the blessings of compassion and understanding, extended or received

5. God, without whom all of the above would not exist

  • for His faithful presence in my life
  • for His grace and mercy for all
  • for the peace that comes from spending time in His presence

May God invade your heart this Thanksgiving! Welcome Him in, and let His love add wonder and warmth to your Thanksgiving gathering.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good!
    His faithful love endures forever. ~ 1 Chronicles 16:34 (NLT)

What are your top Be G’s this year? I would love to know…

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