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When God Does the Impossible

canstockphoto14219450The conversation went like this….

L: (5 days ago) I am praying for a miracle – that you will get another ophthalmologist to join your mission team in Colombia.

Me: Many people have been praying for this, and we are so grateful – but at this late date, it could never happen.

L:  I am not giving up!

Me: Well, you go right ahead. (secretly thinking, Fat Chance!)

J: (at dinner, 2 days later) I got the strangest email today. An ophthalmologist who found out about our mission project said she wishes she had known, because she would love to come, and is available.

Me: Well, L has been praying for a miracle.  Maybe this is it!

J:  Maybe I should call this doctor and ask if she is serious about this.

Me: (Beginning to think a ray of hope might be breaking through the clouds)  Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

J: (the next day)  She would love to come, but doesn’t have all of the money to fund the trip. 

L:  Aren’t there any donors you could ask?

T:  Everyone in our circles has done so much already; we can’t ask any more.

Later that day, a conversation with our project director…

J: Well, one third of the trip cost has been provided, thanks to a mission foundation.  And now that I think of it, I recall that there are some surplus funds available from another organization I am part of. (another one third, covered!)

J: (The next morning, 3 days before the project begins)  Can you believe it? She is coming, and excited to join our team! All the arrangements have been made!

I  had goosebumps (and teary eyes) for a few hours after this, in awe of God’s power and providence.  I know He is capable of working out details beyond our wildest imaginations – but me, of lesser faith than my friend, never  believed for one minute that this was possible.

For the addition of this doctor, and for this important lesson, I am deeply thankful. God is equipping our team with the professionals that we need – and preparing our hearts to pour out His love in the weeks ahead as we serve the people of Cienaga, Colombia.

We are wholeheartedly ready.

Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. ~I Thessalonians 5:17-19

We thank everyone who has been praying for our Medical Ministry International team as we prepare for  our eye project in Cienaga, Colombia, and would be grateful for continued prayers during our project.

Special thanks to Lois – prayer warrior supreme… and believer in miracles.

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