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The Way With a Word

canstockphoto17362331We’re two weeks into the new year, and I am still trying on my Word for size.

Resilience  ~ it has a nice ring to it, wouldn’t you say?

In praying for my Word for the Year,  I  asked God for the wherewithal to receive (2013) my word with wholehearted (2014)  enthusiasm.

There were other words that hung on my mental clothesline…clear, forward, peace… but resilience attracted me because it has a certain energy about it.

The ability to spring back after being pulled, stretched, pressed or bent connotes inner strength and resolve.

Couldn’t we all use a little more of that?

Being resilient would help me become unstuck when my mind wants to sink into the quicksand of doubt or negativity.

It would give me the mental buoyancy to somersault through the verbal chatter that can sometimes cloud my thoughts. ( I can barely recall the last time I was even able to execute a real somersault!)

Resilience, to me, has broad dimension, and interesting contrasts.

It can be strong and tough, or airy and expansive.

I love the words related to resiliencebounce, flexibility, and stamina, to name a few.

But my favorite is effervescence.

If God can sprinkle few sparkles into the mix of life’s challenging moments, I’m all for that.

And recognizing the radiant light of God in others  – each eliciting his or her own expression of resilience – is the gift of learning through example.

So, Lord….thank you for my Word.

Let resilience be my walking stick as I plod through the the ordinary days.

Let it be the rock I lean against during the worst of storms.

Let it be your love and strength, washing over me as I face challenges, large and small.

And best of all, let resilience bubble over when I toss the confetti of joy, celebrating life.

Thank you for showing me The Way…


Have you chosen a Word For The Year?  Please feel free to share it!

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