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Have you ever been listening to a radio program intently, when suddenly, much to your frustration,  the sound becomes fuzzy and far away?

That is an apt description of my spiritual journey for the past few weeks.

Though I have not “changed the channel”, copious amounts of static have interfered with my connection – so much that my attention has been diverted away from what is most important.

How could I allow this to happen?

This takes me back to my college days, when the imminent approach of piano juries and final exams would prompt me to place organizing my closet or cleaning my dorm room as a top priority.

Here I am, 40 years later, still struggling with those nasty avoidance/procrastination issues.

Except now, God’s persistence cuts through the static.  He prods me to stop and think about what might be the root cause of my distraction. He encourages me to bring these issues to the forefront and look them straight in the eye.

No more hiding behind  household chores, piles of emails, phone calls, or mindless web surfing when God is calling.

This temporary mindspin had me in a vicegrip which was not the least bit pleasant.

So I asked…begged God to help me out of it.

What finally cleared up my reception issues (and aren’t they related to my word for the year, receive?) was honestly admitting what was preventing me from sitting down each day for quiet, restful time with the Lord.

Contemplating my contemplative challenges proved to enlighten; and admitting my weaknesses and confessing my lack of discipline lifted the heavy weight from my heart.

Feeling far away from God is no fun at all.

Once I was honest with myself, those pesky attention diverters quieted down – and moments with God became the anchor points of my day.

I could almost hear  Him saying, Don’t touch that dial! I am working to resolve your technical difficulties! With your consent, you will soon hear My Voice clearly.

God always has something to teach us – even during brief lapses when we think He is somewhere in the distance.

May you feel Him next to you today…and hear His every whisper.

For he is our God. We are the people he watches over, the flock under his care.

If only you would listen to his voice today!   Psalm 95:7

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Mass Messaging

Has anyone else grown weary of the incessant email marketing barrage? You know, the 50-80% off with free overnight shipping from buytheseproductssoyouwillbestylishbeautifulandhaveahappylife.com

For the past few days, I have been unsubscribing.

It all started when my tech-savvy daughters were aghast at the 12,000 odd messages sitting in my email inbox. Clearing out those excess bits of information had not been high on my priority list for some time.

Make no mistake – I do enjoy shopping on my favorite websites. And I love the rush of purchasing something at an additional 40% off the already reduced price. (Thanks, Mom, for teaching me to be a bargain shopper.)

But really…do we need to be inundated with electronic temptations from multiple sources every single day? I have had more than enough of these Continuous Temporal Distractions cluttering my inbox – and my mind.

Is there such a syndrome as CTD?

And so, I delete – again and again. I doubt I will ever win this one, but it sure feels good trying. (And my inbox has been significantly lightened.)

So here’s a thought…what if we received frequent online messages from God? He certainly doesn’t need to market Himself – and He is not troubled in the least if His ratings have dropped in the latest polls. But He does reach out to us on a regular basis.

What if He tried GMail…the celestial version of Constant Contact?

The cool thing is, God could personalize His communiques. They might read something like:

Whoa! There goes that fear creeping in again. Trust me on this one.

Did you notice how beautiful the sky is today? All for your viewing pleasure.

No offense – but your patience threshold has been a bit thin lately.

Thanks for spending a moment with me in quiet prayer. I am always glad to be with you.

The fact is, God’s communications are perpetual.  No need to click a link on your latest device to read or hear them.

All you need to do is make Him your Number One Contact…. and open your heart.

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With the holidays unwrapped and decorations tucked away for another year, 2012 is already a few days into its life cycle.

I truly hope that all of your celebrations during the past weeks were clothed in love and warmth. We just returned from a Pacific Northwest Lovefest with our precious grandchildren, daughters, and sons-in law – family time to treasure!

While there wasn’t much time for quiet reflecting, one Scripture verse in my daily devotional has kept revisiting my mind.

Because of and through the heart of tender mercy and loving-kindness of our God, a Light from on high will dawn upon us and visit [us] To shine upon and give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to direct and guide our feet in a straight line into the way of peace. ~Luke 1:78-79 (Amplified Bible)

For some odd reason, this verse dredged up a childhood memory, making me recall how household chores ceased for 30 minutes after lunch when Search For Tomorrow and The Guiding Light were on television. ( I am really dating myself here!)

My Mom and my Grandma called these their “shows”…and during these 15 minute episodes, talking was not an option. It was high (and fast!) drama for these soaps, with those cliff-hanger moments arriving all too soon, it seemed.

Both of these programs ran for decades, eventually increasing their time slots to 30, then 60 minutes. I was hooked for a few years, especially when housebound with a new baby.

After a time, the allure faded. The characters became predictable, the drama melodramatic.  I quit watching, but many others didn’t.

Why did it take all those years to find Tomorrow? And, darn it, where was that Guiding Light?

Fast forward 50 years…and here we sit, still in pursuit.

All of us seek fulfillment and fullness of life. We wonder what our tomorrows will bring. Mountains of books hold the promise of self-improvement, ultimate happiness, and independence.

I have read more than a few…and have benefited from them, to be sure.

But the question beckons…what lodestar is guiding me?

God has frequently “beamed me up” when I have wandered off course, and I am always thankful.  I then wonder what precipitated this loss of vision in the first place.

Are God’s directions sometimes so blindingly clear that we fail to see them? Or faint enough for us to easily ignore?  And are we following a signal that is leading us closer to God?

What lights up your life?  Are you sure of your direction? God is so pleased when we travel the path He sets before us.

He offers His megawatts of love and warmth to us – luminosity for everyone to enjoy.  Let’s turn toward Him so we can receive His generous gift of Direction.

And, paraphrasing the well-loved holiday poem…

Blessed New Year to All…and to All, The True Light!

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